OXFORD polyester fabric, also called "stroller fabric", is a durable and waterproof material with a wide range of uses. From garden furniture, bags, rucksacks to strollers and blankets. It does not contain harmful elements or heavy metals. Its properties will prove themselves in many industries.

OXFORD fabrics are made of polyester fibers, so they are characterized by high durability and resistance to abrasion, stretching and tearing. A double coating with a colorless polyurethane layer ensures the waterproofness of the fabric. What's more, the OXFORD material is suitable for printing with various printing techniques (sublimation, solvent, ecosolvent, direct printing, digital printing, screen printing).

What can OXFORD fabrics be used for?

We recommend OXFORD fabrics:
- as a cover material in gardening,
- as material for roofs or side walls in tents or gazebos,
- for the production of beach and sports bags, backpacks,
- for the production of work clothes,
- for making beds for animals,
- for the production of automotive, fishing and hunting accessories,
- for the production of baby carriages and covers.

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